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Ron Handley
1-24-02, 02:42 PM
I set up my pop3 account and can access it through outlook express w/o problems.

I set up a new pop3 account for another authorized user, and the password is rejected every time we try to check it's mail.

This second pop account was set up IDENTICAL to the primary one. Your thoughts?

1-24-02, 04:06 PM
You get to try out the new unofficial tutorial on creating new POP users. Let me know if it helps.


Ron Handley
1-24-02, 05:06 PM

thank you for the quick response, but it was not usable information. . . I've already followed those easy-to-understand steps "to the 'T' ".

My problem is AFTER the pop3 user is already set up.
I open outlook express, go through the steps of creating a new user, sign up the new account in outlook (with all the correct data that I used to create the pop3 user at powweb) and then powweb rejects the password for the user. I have created TWO pop3 accounts now, going step for step, and am experienceing identical symptoms: my PRIMARY pop3 account (which is myself, the owner, authorized agent, head burrito guy) works just fine. . . which includes using outlook express, my email client, to access emails from powweb for that account.

Sorry I wasn't more clear about my initial problem.

Any more input?

Ron Handley

1-24-02, 06:09 PM
Well, you never know when there might be a problem. However, just to check:

I went and followed my "easy to follow" [thanx] instructions to the T again. This time with a different package, different domain, username bsizemore80 this time ... so if you were hoping to get that one ha! too late it's gone.

Then you have to give it about 5 or 10 minutes before that POP user can accept any mail (the SMTP gets set up in the background, every 5 or 10 minutes).

And he can send and receive e-mail now.

So: If you followed my instructions, and I followed my instructions, and mine works, and yours does not, what else could be wrong?

Ron Handley
1-24-02, 06:18 PM
See, now THAT'S what I'm talking about. . . if it worked for you, and didn't for me, then what's the problem? I'm confident that I'm going step for step, as I set up my initial pop3 account and it works fine. With the account in question, I can even log in on the powweb webmail page and access the mailbox. So that takes me all the way back to something must be wrong on my end. . . but outlook is operating within its normal parameters, and I received your thread posting notification through outlook accessing my primary pop3 through powweb (whew!). And so I say. . .

1. It worked for you
2. It worked for me
3. You created additional pop3 accounts, and it worked.
4. I signed up additional pop3 accounts, and the password is getting rejected from powweb.
5. My wife is starting to think I'm an idiot for not getting her email set up through our outlook expess programme.

<scratching my head in bewilderment>

1-24-02, 11:59 PM
Well, Ron, have you looked at the Outlook Express Setup Tutorial (http://powweb.com/support/mail/outlookexpress5.html)?

Remember to uncheck that box about SPA ... that's a Microsoft Windows thing. If that box is checked, then OE is going to encrypt your password and Powweb's mail server isn't going to know that you're entering the correct password.