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4-16-02, 09:17 PM
phpBB : Critical Error Could not connect to the database

thats the error message i get when tring to connect to my database, i have checked and rechecked my settings...

i am tring to setup phpbb2 and i get to the installion screen where it asks for all the settings, i then click install and it comes back with the above error... i have email support but need an answer reasonably quick.... i don't think its something i am doing but iam willing to be corrected.... any suggestion anybody??....

Regards Chunks

P.S. i even put together a little script to connect to the database and i get sorta the same response "Couldn't select acedata: Unknown database 'acedata"..... acedata is our database name..... seem to suggest its not setup properly at powweb end??....or have i missed something.....

4-17-02, 11:00 AM
well the DB connection has been sorted...

i am trying to setup phpBB2.... it seems an almost impossible task.....almost.

phpbb2 completed the install fine.. the problem i am having though is the #!/usr/local/bin/php code appears on EVERY page!!
and the other major prob is i can't access the admin section...when i click on the admin link the page it brings up is blank except for this line..

#!/usr/local/bin/php #!/usr/local/bin/php

yes thats right, it looks exactly like that.. (side by side)

i know there are people on the powweb servers using phpbb2 Final... Please HELP!!! What am i missing... :(

Signed Really Really need help.....

4-23-02, 09:16 PM
I cannot get anything out of my /admin/index.php either.

I can view either frame by using admin/index.php?pane=left or pane=right, but it doesnt work like it should.

Anyone else know how to fix this?

Am using phpBB 2.0.

4-23-02, 10:14 PM
Fix()Rd. None of the files in the phpBB2/db directory need the shebang line. Removing those allowed me to access the /admin/index.php page correctly, and fixed one last stray shebang line I had floating around. There's still 15 or so of them on the left menu that I cant seem to remove w/out breaking the script, if someone find it, let me know =)

4-24-02, 12:55 AM
Hi all,

i got it working!!!

its seems i had the shebang in one to many files, plus i was using the latest version phpbb2 and there is an extra file in the admin section you need to add it to....

and yes i get the 15 or so repeats of the shebang in the admin section, if some one figures out to remove it id be keen to know...


11-9-02, 08:11 PM
Chucks, what did you have to do to get past that error? I get the same thing as you did...phpBB : Critical Error Could not connect to the databaseI can't figure it out, and I want phpBB setup in a few days. If you could let me know how you got it working, that would be awesome.

11-10-02, 11:13 PM
This doesnt apply anymore (for the most part) as Powweb no longer handles PHP the same way.

11-10-02, 11:56 PM
Well i figured it out...i was just typing in the wrong password for my mysql database ;). It works now... :)