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    php simulator

    Seems like I read something about this in a post here, but I can't find it now.

    What I'd like to do is be able to test php pages on my local computer rather than upload each file to the web site for testing. Is there a simple way of doing this, without setting up web server software and all?

    I just want to do php 4 stuff. I'm learning. It'll be quicker if I can do it locally. Thanks for any info.

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    I am not sure how you would do it without installing some sort of server software. Here's what I did (I posted this earlier in this thread: )

    I downloaded a 2MB .MSI file of Apache that uses the Windows Installer and installs the Apache Server on my Windows machine. I then installed a 4MB file of PHP and now I can test my PHP code on my Windows machine without having to upload and then test my files.

    It so nice, because I just manually start the apache server whenever I want to test and then I turn it off when I am done.

    Apache file:

    PHP file:

    Had everything downloaded in 30 minutes with my 56ker and now everything works like a charm

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    I would have to go along with what VBman posted. This is how I test PHP pages offline. Very simple to download and configure. Two thumbs up to this option.

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    Thanks, guys, for the info. Well, maybe I'll try that. Since I'm at the beginner stage with PHP, it would probably save a lot of time in the long run.

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    My local computer-store owner got so frustrated with XP (and problems it caused his customers) he quit selling PCs altogether! He just became a Macintosh dealer! I think maybe my next box will be a Mac, too.

    Other people tell me they couldn't be happier with XP. I think most of the satisfied customers were buyers of new computers, with XP preinstalled, though.

    I'll keep using WinME for now. So far it's been good to me.
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    I know this is an old thread...but I finally got around to doing all this stuff. Thanks for the replies.

    Last night I installed Apache on my WinME machine. Went smoothly. Same for PHP. Installed MySQL next. Then MySQLFront. And finally the MyODBC driver thing. So now I'll be in TEST MODE for a few days.

    Just for a learning experience I want to try to get the data from a 24,000 record FoxPro table into MySQL. I should be able to do that via ODBC if I can get it configured properly. From what I read, it should be doable. And once that's done, I should be able to transfer the newly-populated MySQL one-table database on my hard drive to the web (once I fork over the $30).

    Using Flash, PHP, and MySQL together, I should be able to do some crazy things, no? Once I get up to speed, that is. Oh, this gonna be fun.

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