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Thread: getting started with mediawiki

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    getting started with mediawiki

    Hi everyone,
    I've just installed mediawiki using Instant Installer but I don't manage to create new pages, all I can do is edit the few existing pages, but I want to create content.
    Can anyone help me?


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    Well, hopefully you've figured it out by now. If not, all you do is add a link to a page you can edit. Then save the page. Then click on the link and it will take you to a blank article. Now edit it and add content.

    When I say link to a page...I mean an internal link. The code would look like:

    I want to add a new article about [[eggs]].

    The eggss with the brackets around it is an internal link, linkinmg to an article named Eggs.

    Another way is to change the name of the page in browser adress bar. My title page name is:

    Just change the Main_Page to be Eggs and it would also take you to a blank page for eggs.

    Chris Fullmer

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