Want to know how to have multiple sites on one account?

There are two ways to take advantage of the unlimited domains per account and have your additional domains be their own independent sites.

The geeky way (.htaccess method tutorial): http://forum.powweb.com/showthread.php?t=72128
Map to Subdirectory bundle (link to product page): http://www.powweb.com/powweb/multidomainbundle.bml

Here are a few things to consider:

The geeky way (.htaccess method)
  • PowWeb offers no technical support for this method so you'll need to consult the forums any time you need help.
  • Because this method is fairly technical for new users, expect some amount of troubleshooting when setting up multiple domains or making modifications.
  • There is no additional cost associated using this method other than your time and patience.

The easy for a fee way [Screenshot of the tool]
  • We give you a tool/interface in your control panel that allows you to easily point your additional domains to subdirectories and use our instant installer to install applications to your secondary domains.
  • On the backend, we're creating symlinks to take care of the mapping which means you won't have to worry about troubleshooting an .htaccess file.
  • We support it. If you need help with anything, just give us a ring/chat/email.
  • It comes with a free domain to get you started.
  • It's only $27.77/yr.

PowWeb wants you to buy more hosting accounts. Besides the whole "we're a business and we want to make money," we're also having to support all your services for multiple domains on one account for one low price. This can have long-term affects.

So why offer unlimited domains?

There are legitimate reasons. You may have multiple versions of your site. We're cool with that. Or maybe you want to host your grandmas knitting site, but your main focus is your heavily-trafficed artwork forums. That's also cool. You get the idea.

What isn't cool is when you decide to resell PowWeb to your customers for full price and end up putting all 40 of your customers on one account. That's...not so cool. But hey, we won't stop you (unless you end up bogging down the server or something). Do what our affiliates do and sign-up your customers in their own individual accounts with their own allocation of resources. You'll earn some sweet moola.