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Thread: PowWeb Control Panel

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    I find the navigation to be cumbersome, and the options are not always clearly defined (I'm not always sure what's going to happen when I click an option).

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    Thanks for the kudos Yvette. You can tell that email is our main use of a domain host, even though we don't have a lot of addresses.

    I also should mention for the benefit of this thread's purpose that another PowWeb drawing card for me was Domain Central. The ability to manage domain registration for all domain names in one place is great. The working relationship between PowWeb and Tucows that makes this possible is a real asset. I don't know how many other hosts have this feature, but I was really frustrated with my previous host who was also our domain registrar because managing the domain record required logging into two different websites for each of our two domain names. Once logged into each one there was no way to change basic data either, like name servers, and there were no instructions on how to do so. Very poor. PowWeb has a good thing going in this regard, even if my domain transfer process had some glitches.

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    Thanks for the kudos Yvette.
    You are very welcome. I believe most of our community forum discussions are educational and even helpful. (Yes, some things educational may not be helpful. For example, how helpful is it to know all the U.S. Presidents in chronological order in your daily life? Ha ha. My son's homework is so much fun.)

    You can tell that email is our main use of a domain host, even though we don't have a lot of addresses.
    Same here. Most of my clients rarely, if ever, visit my website! Many people read articles or information that are not potential customers, though. My clients mostly contact me via email. Also, possible employees send emails and resumes. Many emails have images, Word documents or other attachments.

    It is so weird that an email that can be sent TO me may be a problem if sent FROM me. Try explaining that to clients, especially those who may (want to) be hosted with PowWeb. Many clients already hosted here can send from their PowWeb account to mine and vise versa, but they usually use their personal email accounts instead.

    Email should be more reliable, but with all the posts here, I don't trust it. And I don't want to call to ask if someone got each email. And I don't want to use a personal email account for business. We keep saying this. PowWeb, are you hearing us? (I know you are reading this forum thread.)

    I still hang in here, because I think that PowWeb thought they were doing the best thing for the email servers as a whole. People didn't like being blacklisted. But we really need our (legitimate) emails sent. I hate spammers!
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