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Thread: Can mediawiki be installed without their logos etc.?

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    Can mediawiki be installed without their logos etc.?

    I have been trying for a long time, unsuccessfully, to find out how to make wikimedia work on my web site or org. I have followed their instructions about the free wikimedia but it doesn't seem like I can keep my own web address and design. Not that I like my design but I don't want it to be theirs. I really think my idea with this site could make this a much better world and I so hope to find someone who can tell me where I can find someone to make the wiki system work for my webpage.
    To clarity my question:
    1) Wish to know if the free mediawiki can be used without their address and design
    2) Where can I find someone to help me make it happen.
    I am no computer genius and I've done all I know on the site. Also I don't have much money but I'd be willing to spend a little or otherwise apply for grants if only I had a real estimated figure to put in the application.

    Any reply is much appreciated
    Best Regards

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    Yes you can do both those things.
    See section 3. Changing the Interface.
    Try what they suggest and if you get stuck let us know where and we'll help you.
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