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Thread: Frames..Advantages/Disadvantages

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    I'm a avid fan of using frames because of its ease of navigation.But I've noticed that a lot of professional web designers sparingly shy away from the use of frames.WHY?
    Web designers,I really wanna know
    What are the disadvantages of using frames?
    What are the advantages of using frames?
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    no frames for me

    Hi Terrell

    I like making a page with tables because it is scaleable to the size of the browser window when done with relative sizing as a percentage of the overall page size. I do not like to have to scroll, especially left and right, to read text or see pics.

    I understand that it is convenient to create page elements and leave them as pages inside the frameset. But the same thing can be achieved with SSI. That is how I do it. Again, the sizing of the elements is not an issue because of the relative sizing I call in the table code.

    Another reason is the navigation is not masked. In a frameset, the visitor can not track where they are in the site structure if they want to. I prefer them to be able to do that.

    I bet others will kick in a bunch more good reasons, but these are the ones I can think of at the moment

    As always, if you want help with SSI or anything else, you know you can always ask.


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    Frames are a pain...but anyway...

    Frames are hard to keep constant under every possible screen resolution. They will all look different.

    People hate it when the get stuck in frames...especially when they're trying to view another site.

    Sometimes you have to scroll on 3 different sections of the page to see it all.

    Some browser can view frames

    SSI can do anything frames can do...but better. As long as you don't have a 'no-cache' tag on your page...everything will be saved to the hard-drive for quicker loading (so thats not really a problem).

    Unless you have an overwhelming reason to use frames...try to stay away. But its all up to you

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