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Thread: Mailbox problems - Can't subscribe or find folders

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    I know I've covered this ground before ... but here goes ...
    Old legacy mailboxes we moved over as a "blob" -- that is, the system tools and interfaces on the new system were designed to work with a slightly different format mailbox -- as long as all goes well, you can keep using the old mailbox -- but, when it breaks, or certain settings need to be changed you can encounter problems ...

    For this reason -- one of the the best solutions to fix mailbox problems is to download your mail and addressbook, delete the old mailbox, wait a few minutes, and then create a new one in the new format -- that fixes 99% of the errors we see...

    This is also advisable, because it gives you control of when it occurs --- if you open a ticket (as with any ticket) for support to do changes, it will be dealt with First In - First Out and you can expect a contact re the issue in 24-48 hours ---- which means, that if you can fix it the simple way (delete and recreate) that that is going to be the most timely solution for you...

    Since the foldering system in older mailboxes may not be synchronized with the settings of the underlying imap mail system (you can end up subscribed to folders that don't exist, or have folders that simply won't "add" to the display), you can get quirky behavior --- the simplest fix, is again to simply remove the old box and start fresh -- failing that, support can try poking around in the back end to try to get the mail client to match up with the mailbox -- that is what has happened in the case here...

    Personally,as a support tech, I'd prefer that you simply recreate the box -- in fact, if I get a ticket like that, I would do just that -- copy the message files out, and then back in after the mailbox is recreated -- it sometimes involves some incantations and some jiggery-pokey to get the indices setup again -- of course, it sometimes takes about 15-20 minutes to do -- so just blowing the mailbox away and recreating it (a 4 minute job) still gets top billing...

    At this point -- if you're happy where things stand -- recontact (use the support console) and close any outstanding ticket(s) re the issue.
    Well, that's the way I see it -- for the moment!

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    To make finding this easier I've made it a sticky for the moment.

    Thank you for clearly explaining (again) why migrated mailboxes should be deleted and re-created.
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