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    Cgi Script

    I am looking for somebody to make me a CGI script such as this for a business in selling photos on products.
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    I remember doing one of those sites a few years ago! Yeah, this may need to be done in flash to save the layers, if you expect to get a "screenshot" of the image appearing as positioned by the viewer onto the chosen garment in the color and style of choice.

    Of course, you could still have them select the garment style and color until the correct "background" appears, then layer their uploaded design on top of it. But you want a picture sent to you of the desired finished product.

    There are different ways to do this, but you wouldn't want to create a t-shirt using a crappy optimized JPG. You should want a design that is a specific size and format such as PDF. You don't want to stretch a tiny JPG to fit the entire front or back of a t-shirt. It will look terrible!

    Also, you cannot sell products that use copyrighted designs such as cars, logos and celebrities. Is the order verified before the customer is charged? I remember a person from a car club NOT being able to get t-shirts from CafePress, because they used copyrighted images. They had images of cars from their club. So, they contacted me for a design. I contacted GM to use the likeness of a Camaro and a Firebird and they waived the copyright fees and licensing fees, because the club was nonprofit. How are you verifying images? Do you have an agreement where the person says he/she owns the copyright for the image before you print anything?

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