It's no secret that MySQL is a problem. We know this, at the highest level of management, within PowWeb.

As of 11:42AM EST today (28th, March), everyone in our company from Engineering, to Network Operations, to Executive Management has dropped everything we are/were working on, to fix the issues with MySQL.

There are no publicly available details, as of yet, as to the plans. However, the general idea is to set-up more MySQL servers, and offload some of our existing users to those newer servers.

More servers + less users on each server = better MySQL performance.

I realize that you've probably heard the "We're working on it" story, I certainly understand your frustration from a personal stand point. This time, we're serious. Senior Management fully understand the situation and its impact on our customer base, and want to fix it.

Our teams will be working hard throughout the weekend, and will do everything we can to get this work done as soon as possible. There's no time frame to have it completed, and obviously I don't want to get anyone's hopes up by saying that it'll be done by Monday. We have high hopes, and expectations of our teams, who are some of the most brilliant people I've worked with over my years.

As more information becomes available to me, I'll be sure it gets posted here. In the meantime, you can help. We know MySQL is not working the way it should. We know you hate how long your site takes to load. You don't need to tell us anymore. I'll make an official "We think we fixed it" post, and ask you all to test your websites out. At that point, if it's not working the way you want, with the speed you want, feel free to complain until you're blue in the face. But, for now, please don't open any support tickets, start any chats, e-mail support, or start new MySQL slowness threads, until further notice. All of support knows the MySQL situation as of now, and is only going to offer you the "We're working on it" story. Which in turn, will make you mad, and I don't want you to be mad. So, please, hang tight, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and it's rapidly approaching.

Thanks for understanding, and your patience. I sincerely apologize for all of the issues that MySQL has caused you, and can't begin to apologize enough for any and all lost revenue that you've experienced in the past due to the issues.

Thanks again,
Mike Jandreau
Manager, Technical Support, PowWeb