We've just implemented a CAPTCHA when logging into OPS. We realize that CAPTCHAs aren't the most widely lauded tools, but we're trying to stay ahead of the hackers and spammers. Since your OPS login is the key to everything in your account, we want to work on keeping it secure. That's why we've done things like enforce password security, implemented the new "Lock OPS down to just this IP" feature, and now we're trying out a CAPTCHA.

The CAPTCHA will be used to deter scripted login attempts -- both repetitive (where someone is trying to guess your password) and singular (where someone knows your password and wants to easily upload malicious content to your account, getting around any FTP security).

We think this will prove to be a valuable enhancement to our platform security, and hope that the compromise in ease-of-access is a tradeoff you're ok with. We also understand that this may prove a barrier for our members who are sight-impaired, and we do have a solution at hand to help them (and, should the CAPTCHA prove successful, will have a better more elegant solution).

Please give us any feedback you may have, we really do appreciate it.

(I realize I don't post much any more. I'm trying to stem the tide of silly phpBB spammers.)