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Thread: which shopping cart is best for clothing?

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    which shopping cart is best for clothing?

    I'm so confused. I'm totally new at this stuff and I'm completely overwhelmed. I just did the shopsite demo (I was trying to decide if the starter was sufficient or if I need the manager). But after doing the demo, I'm thinking that shopsite may not even work at all.

    I'm selling handmade baby clothes & accessories ( I will only need about 3, maybe 4 pages of products (at the very most - right now, I'll only need 2 pages). But on each page, I'll probably have 5-10 products. The part that it is confusing me is this:

    For example, if I have a onesie, I'd like to offer it in various sizes (say size 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months) without having to list all those sizes as different products (like have a drop-down menu to choose a size). To take it one step further, I'd like to be able to offer add-ons to each onesie: so the buyer would choose the size, then the color, then maybe additional stuff (for additional money) - like "add a ruffle +$3.00."

    I don't know if that is something shopsite is capable of. I just don't want to have to list every single thing separately, just because they are different sizes or colors.

    This website is similar to what I have in mind: and this one shows the drop-downs with the optional add-ons (this isn't clothing, but you get the idea).

    Can shopsite accommodate this sort of thing? If it can't, what do you suggest?


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    Zen Cart or OScommerce are free shopping carts that allow you to use various payment processors or simply take orders online. You can add colors, sizes and other attributes or options to each product. You can adjust the cost as you add options. You can add, modify, delete or enable/disable products from public view. You can add a product, then experiment with it. I personally have installed Zen Cart, but I have not used ShopSite yet.
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