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How do I create a subdomain for my website. I want shadowsofdarkness.nataslive.com
1. Using your FTP client, create the folder shadowsofdarkness at the same level as htdocs.

2. Using your FTP client, create a subfolder in the shadowsofdarkness folder called htdocs.

3. Using OPS, go to Domains | Subdomain Pointing.

4. At the bottom, where it shows Subdomain Name, enter shadowsofdarkness and use the drop-down to select nataslive.com.

5. Below that where it askes for target subdirectory, it should already show /home/users/web/bxxx/pow.username/. In the box folowing that you would add shadowsofdarkness/htdocs and click the create button.

6. Using your FTP client, you would upload whatever script your want into the shadowsofdarkness/htdocs folder you created in Step 2 above.

7. Perform the install using the correct information for the config file.

8. When someone types shadowsofdarkness.nataslive.com, it will go to that folder and run the index.xxx file and off you go.