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Thread: SiteDelux Password Protected Pages - Useful?

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    SiteDelux Password Protected Pages - Useful?

    Here's a feature that works, but I'm not sure it makes sense.

    The new SiteDelux allows you to create username and password pairs for any page on your website. When the user attempts to log in, a very nice looking login page appears, with an option to receive an email reminder of your password.

    Well, this is nice if you have only 5 subscribers to your site. Because you may only create up to 5 username/password combos. So then I thought I could make 5 different user types. For example, I could have members that login as "Member" and all share the same password. But then if someone clicks on "Forgot Password", what address should get the reminder email?

    Any ideas how to get any use out of this feature? Otherwise I will just keep using a link to a members only site, with htaccess rules.


    The new password thing also forces me to open up a new vulnerability.
    I very carefully avoided revealing my powweb login-id by using the default powweb site URL, It would be rather careless to give away both my login id, and the name of the host at the same time, wouldn't it?

    Instead I use my own domain name. However, the new password locking feature only seems to work when the URL is used. The Login Page itself shows as a address. I really wanted to the browser address showing my website's URL.

    Actually, I just clicked on view source on my webpage and my login id is revealed there anyway, like this:
    <!--base href=""-->

    I can see why we needed tighter security.

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    It probably depends on whether you have used the "Set Site Editor" to lock your SiteDelux down to your domain --- the default unset behavior (no domain is selected on the tool), allows multiple SiteDelux sites with all published to a subfolder of your site.
    Well, that's the way I see it -- for the moment!

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