As of a few short minutes ago, we've removed the captcha image from login on the PowWeb site.

We've taken your valuable feedback into consideration, and removed it completely for the time being. We realize that our implementation made it more difficult to access your account that it should have been, and that there's plenty of room for improvement. While we sort out the ways that we can improve, we've decided to completely remove the captcha from login.

Our intention with captcha was to help protect your account from possible intrusion, and malicious hackers. The easiest solution to do so was to implement the captcha on login, to prevent scripted logins attempting to "hack" your account.

We're always striving to make security improvements, and I'll be the first to admit that captcha wasn't the best choice. Rest assured, it's gone. There's no plan, as of right now, to bring it back. The future may hold a different type of login security, but it will not likely be captcha.

Thanks for all of you feedback -- we *do* listen -- and let me personally apologize to those that felt offended, left out, and discriminated against by the captcha. It was not our intention to do so, I assure you.

I appreciate your patience while we explored one way to make our platform and your hosting account more secure, and will certainly appreciate your patience with these types of initiatives in the future.

-Mike Jandreau
Manager, Technical Support