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    Question creating ads


    Had a question about how flight travel site ads work... I want to make a ad or have someone, maybe the travel site like expedia, make a ad that would be on my site.. but when a user does a search about a certain city.. a ad would generate making the IP locataion of the user as the starting point and having the city they are looking up information on as the ending location and then generating a price from the travel site and display that as a banner ad on my site.. is something like this possible.. and what information would be needed to make something like this work... and if a freelancer is reading this.. how much would something like this cost to make???

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    You would have to see how the travel sites manage their advertising and also how they manage their links. Most want to keep their advertising consistant so they make and control the ads. If you check out services like and you will find some of the major travel companies manage their ad aaffiliates through them and offer different styles of ads. I am not sure if any of them currently offer an ad like you suggest.
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    One problem I forsee, the GeoLocation of IP's isn't always accurate. I'm (normally) in Washington in the N E of England, the GeoIP gives London as my location - 300+miles wrong, and not the starting point for my holidays.
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    Same here, Ian. My IP at work sometimes shows up as Wichita, KS (quite a few states away) and home it depends on where I'm being routed through.
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