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Thread: SiteDelux and subdomains

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    SiteDelux and subdomains

    Can I use SiteDelux with a subdomain?

    If I can, how can I put the site in the subdomain? I do not see a save or download...

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    You can --- but its not pretty .. and not officially supported.

    The first site will ALWAYS want to publish to the docroot of the account (/htdocs) -- if you already have a site from another program -- SiteDelux will quite happily clobber the index.html from it and install.

    If you already have a SiteDelux site published in the docroot, however, it will refuse to clobber that (so you have to unpublish the first site to replace the one in the docroot).

    Any subsequent site that you create and publish, will want to publish to a subdirectory on the account ( -- it will allow you to pick subdirs -- you can then setup a domain/subdomain to point to that folder using one of the pointing managers or htaccess.

    Difficulties arise when managing images, etc. -- since SiteDelux uses one "pond" for the gallery/image/resource content ...

    If you want a different, non-SiteDelux site to run from the root folder -- you would have to change the order of preferred document to load (say index.php to load before index.html) and still publish a single page site to the root area (otherwise, you will never get the option to publish to any subdirectories). I suggest to some people that they make this a basic "underconstruction" type site -- and, then rely on the domain pointing to direct/use a site placed in a folder --- in that way, all sites on the site are in a subdirectory, which keeps things neater.

    You may also get issues with SiteDelux picture links, etc., if you change subdirs, etc. -- since it is essentially designed to handle a single site (after all, website builders are designed generally for those who want a quick simple site and don't know a lot about html, etc. to be able to code one quickly).

    1) make sure you do not have apps, etc. or a site already relying on the default docroot -- if you do, you need to move it to a subdirectory and use the domain pointing manager and/or subdomain pointing managers or htaccess to insulate you from SD's habit of clobbering things.
    2) I suggest a simple "Site under construction site or something with links to your other sites/subsites as the initial SD site --
    3) Remember that you may have issues with images/pics, so a gallery based site will do strange things if you move files/domains/subdomains or change settings on the account.
    4) Be prepared to wait for a fix if it messes up -- T1 and T2 don't do coding fixes and don't fix code generated by the SiteDelux system --- that means, a "fix" where possible, will involve accessing an Engineer who works with SD (that's not all of them...)

    If the above gives you pause for concern -- stick to one site in SD and work through with NVU (, Dreamweaver or Expression Web or some other program until you have something to do your other sites...
    Well, that's the way I see it -- for the moment!

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