If you have a question about a specific feature that doesn't have a specific area on the forum, then thats general --

Issues related to slowness of site or MySQL, CGI, site malfunctions that may relate to a specific service (ftp, domain pointing manager, etc) are not topics for this general area. Outages or outage of a specific service (CGI, MySQL, FTP) have an area to post about them -- IF YOU REPORT an ISSUE, you must also post your affected domain -- any posts which fail to list the affected domain will be ignored/deleted, since they add nothing of value. AND, these posts must be done in the outages area -- there is often a thread to which you can add your domain {that allows staff to refer in the group of sites for review}

The outage area thread for CGI/MySQL for instance, is:
Outage Area - Current Reports - CGI/MySQL issues