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    Not being up on PHP I invested in CofeeCups Form builder and to my delight I had a form up and running straight away. I sell software I create albeit not that successfully and I was thinking of using the aquired email adresses for a add campaign. That brings me to my question.

    How successfull is emailed adds. In my experiance I only respond to less than 5% I receive. What is the concensus

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    I respond positively to less than 0.01% of ads I receive via e-mail.

    Be careful with e-mail campaigning, you will need to follow the US rules on unsolicited e-mail (called the CAN-SPAM act I believe) and have any mass mailing approved by support by being placed on the OK list. You need to show a clear opt-out link. They (or others here) will guide you on what you need to do to pass onto the OK list.
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    Your response will increase with a targeted list. If you are mailing to people who have done business with you before, they already know you, trust your product and have interest they are more likely to click on the add and see what is new you have to offer.
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    You can try Google ads or other web page ads in front of your target audience. They can click links to your website and add their email addresses to your mailing list. If you sell software and you have an ad on my website (for example), you may reach your target audience. Google ads appear above my articles and people occasionally click them to buy products in which they are already interested.

    You want to acquire a list of email addresses to send email solicitations. Who is supplying this list? I have been solicited by people who were shocked to learn I was NOT interested in their products or services. Some people gather a lot of email addresses while some companies compile a list of potential customers.

    I personally will NOT buy products or services from companies that blindly solicit people or send spam. I delete those emails. I will accept email from businesses with whom I have already done business. They send opt-in emails that I can later opt-out.

    You are allowed to send ONE email to ask the reader if he/she is interested in future emails from you. The opt-out link must be available and if the reader requests no future email, you must NOT send future email (add to NO to email list). You should have a reply link to get them on the mailing list (YES to email list). No response means the person may have deleted the email or it was filtered as spam.
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    You cannot get an OK List exemption on Powweb for advertising purposes -- that is pure and simple the definition of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) which is prohibited.

    Newsletters which are general information (not targeted to purchase of additional sales, but rather to allowing other to participate or follow progress) may be exempted, provided they meet the CAN-SPAM provisions, are sent only to persons who request them, include an opt-out clearly on every mailing, and provided that there are no complaints about Spamming and any requests for opt-out are acted on promptly.
    Pure and simple, the Powweb mailing system handles mail for in excess of a million domains, so it isn't geared for advertising/bulk or broadcast mailing at all --- those types of things should be handled by a third-party commercial supplier of campaign email/broadcast email services, like Constant Contact, for example. For example, the Newsletter Manager tool (... I think its the same version Noah used on the Ark, way back when) was designed to handle lists of not more than 200 email and it has limited DSN (Delivery Status Notification) tracking -- so, its really pretty lame as far as knowing what mail actually got sent and to whom.

    As others have noted, you really have to have an opt-in for advertising, such that people request to see your "specials" or offers -- and, you need to have a LARGE PRINT OPT-OUT, so that they use it, instead of clicking "This is Spam" instead! That can result in a block being issued against the mail system for the IP that forwarded your message -- so, you effectively destroy mailing privileges for hundreds of thousands of other users and businesses --- as you can appreciate, we really, really, really, don't like that ---at all -- ever -- so, don't even think about sending UCE from your (former) account ... if you follow...

    In the case you note, if they've filled in a form, then that helped (they've opt-ed in) -- but, people often forget that they filled the form some night browsing at 2:00 am and now they're bored, or bought something already, or changed their mind, and don't want to get the now "annoying" mail from you any longer....
    That's where a service like Constant Contact shines -- they can just click the unsubscribe and it automatically handles taking them off the list and sends them a confirmation to let them know that they are off the list ..... that takes a lot of work to implement well!
    Well, that's the way I see it -- for the moment!

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