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Thread: Two quick questions regarding service. Vent + seedboxing

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    Two quick questions regarding service. Vent + seedboxing

    1) I do a lot of gaming (WoW, WC3, StarCraft) and use Ventrilo voice chat a lot. Rather than pay my monthly fee to typefrag, is there any way to set up something on my powweb packages to offer me Ventrilo voice chat? Ideally a 40 person server, but as little as 10 would suffice for my needs.

    2) I was recently informed I have a 250Gb monthly cap by my ISP. I share a lot of content via bittorent. Now while my websites have 400Gb of transfer bandwidth available to them per month, I use maybe 500Mb on average. Is there a way I can install bittorent software on the server and use that remaining bandwidth to seed my torrents?
    Space wise I have 20Gb of storage, maybe 500Mb is used.

    Thank you for your insight.

    Not sure if these have been asked before. All the search terms i tried came up empty.

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    You can only get an official response from a staff member (their names are in green) and they do stop by often, however a quicker response would be received by contacting support directly. This is a user helping user forum.

    My educated guess, however, would be no on both items. This is a shared environment, chances are even if you could set-up the chat, you would not be happy with the performance. PowWeb also restricts items on your account that are specifically used as part of a website. Using the space for file sharing or even back-up is not allowed.
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    Entrecon's right, both are a no.

    The first's a no, because something like that would require you to (most likely) run an executable file on the server, or a compiled binary CGI file, both of which aren't supported.

    And the second's a no, because, well, bittorrents are generally used for illegal purposes. And, well, the government likes to go after people who break the law. And we'd hate to have to turn in one of our customers because they were sharing copywritten files.

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