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Thread: Need Advice/help.

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    Need Advice/help.

    I am new here and I haven't had much luck trying to use frontpage. I build a site and then it won't publish. I was going to keep trying to learn it but read on these forums that there will be no support for it pretty soon. So I am in the market to get new software to build my site/store. Is there a program out there that is user/almost dummy friendly that anyone can recommend that doesn't cost an arm and leg. I found one that looked like it would serve my purpose (ewisoft has any one used them) but there was no way to contact them. Any help or advice would be appreciated, Thank You

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    Try Komposer - it's free.

    You can use FrontPage fine if you don't use their fancy FrontPage Extensions. You simply upload via an FTP program like Filezilla. It's easy to do, files go into the htdocs folder.
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