Hi all,

I've set up Gallery 2 using installcentral from powweb on www.photography.downloadfrombose.com Everything seems to be working, exept that thumbnails and images are not generated and displayed after uploading them. The original highres images are available/viewable however.

Tested Gd, ImageMagick and NetPBM in Gallery admin mode, and all are working fine (passed the build-in test). I'm using the following paths in Gallery:
Directory to ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick binaries: /usr/local/bin/
NetPBM Directory: /usr/bin/
jhead Directory: /usr/local/bin/

Another question:
Does anyone know the correct Local Server Upload Path in order to use the "Add item > From local server" in Gallery 2? I cannot get it to work.

Thanks for your support! It's really appreciated. Boseems