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Thread: How WordPress Install Should Happen

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    How WordPress Install Should Happen

    Hello - can anyone point me to a description of the way the install central wordpress installation and setup should happen if everything is working flawlessly?

    E.g. Once IC is done you should see the wp directory here, and you should be able to go to xyx url and conigure this that and the other yada.

    I've installed WP to a subdomain and I'm perplexed about how to get started and I'm wondering if I'm missing something basic.


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    I believe the URL should be\wpdirectory\wp-login.php. You'll have to enter the username and password you created on install.

    (and if that works, mark the calendars again!)
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    If you know how to browse your directory via ftp, you might want to consider just doing a manual install:

    As far as what url to go to, it will depend on what directory you specified in IC...and whether you mean a true subdomain when you say "I've installed WP to a subdomain". The url might be like Doc said:
    or like:

    The /htdocs/subdomain directory should look like the attached pic.
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