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Thread: Images don't load

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    Images don't load

    My new website,, is not loading images. This is a wacky problem. I had never done web posting in my life (meanwhile, I can hack my way through any system save html, including C++) and so I'm green. I figure, use the CM4all Quickstart link. I do so, make a few webpages, they look great. I publish. When I go to my webpage, nothing. So, I find out about htdocs and move the html files there. Now I have webpages but no images. So, I move every single directory in the root folder to the htdocs folder... I have images! So, I think, I'm set. I add another page and publish. Now I just copy everything to htdocs. Nothing. No images. The html looks great - no images. Where am I going wrong? Is CM4all garbage?

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    Sounds like an incorrect publish path. Leave the CM4All Publish location field blank and republish the Web site. This will publish the your site to the htdocs folder.
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