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Thread: Setting up an Adobe Contribute site in Dreamweaver

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    Setting up an Adobe Contribute site in Dreamweaver

    I'm having connection issues when trying to set up a website for Adobe Contribute compatibility. I've spoken to 4 different agents on the PowWeb technical support chat line and I still haven't yet solved the issue. The last person actually told me that Contribute will not work because PowWeb do not support remote logins.

    I do not have a problem connecting to the server via FTP. I can connect and upload files no problem. The issue is when I go to the Contribute panel in Dreamweaver and try to activate Contribute compatibility. There are a couple of errors that occur, depending what I type in the Site root URL box in the Contribute panel:

    1. If I enter I get the error:

    "An unknown error occurred when Dreamweaver tried to connect to this site"

    When I click ok it then says,

    "Dreamweaver could not connect to the remote server. You cannot perform Contribute adminstration tasks without a connection to a remote server. Please fix the remote connection before continuing."

    This was the info that two of the agents told me to type in the box

    2. With other Contribute connections I manage on other servers I just enter the full URL in the Site root URL box. So, if I enter this happens:

    It seems like a connection is made and a file starts to upload. It's a TMPGU.... file (temporary Contribute file I believe) and then I get the same error message as before about fixing the remote connection.

    Anyone know what's going on? Yes, I've tried unchecking the Use passive FTP in the Remote info dialog box. What could that PowWeb agent mean when he says that they don't support remote connections to their servers. Isn't that what FTP is?

    I so want to stick with PowWeb for their extended features but if I can't get Contribute to work I'm going to have to look elsewhere.

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    I don't know about in a Dreamweaver compatability mode, but do know that Contribute 4 works fine with Powweb as I've used it on a number of sites. I've always used the path. It was a simple matter of giving the program the login details for a FTP user and it worked, nothing special had to be done.

    To test your connection, try creating a new FTP user with a path to htdocs/tempcontrib folder, and use that users username/password and Contribute will upload OK.
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    I guess the agent meant remote connections to MySQL databases are closed - not supported. Yes you can remote with FTP and should be able to with Dreamweaver unless Contribute requires database access.
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