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Thread: Drupal installation problem

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    Drupal installation problem

    When I access the site installed through Install Central of Drupal 6.4 the install routine appears to be successful. Database created, all the files in place.

    I opened up the website and it said it couldn't connect me to my database. It had the proper name for the database server too, which is on custsql-pow20 according to the MySql admin tool. I checked the CGI Error Log and saw PHP errors in one of the basic includes. Those are usually caused by insufficient PHP memory allocation.

    Being an experienced Drupal admin (been working with it two years), I know those errors are caused by insufficient PHP memory allocation. I found PHP4 memory was 8M. That's beneath the minimum to run Drupal which is 16M. I typically alter runtime variables to head up to 64M, because added modules need more memory.

    These are the relevant lines from the file /sites/default/setup.php, these go at the end of the PHP SETUP section:
    ini_set('memory_limit', '64M');
    ini_set('register_globals', '0');
    Is Powweb going to be moving up to PHP 5 soon?
    Is there a chance the default 8M memory limit could be set to 16M or higher?

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    PHP5 is available, and has been for a very long time, here at Powweb!

    You can set PHP to default to PHP5 within OPS or use the extension PHP5 on each file.

    The database server is addressed using This is the official way to address the server.
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    An experienced Drupal Admin of two years should know to always install Drupal manually you knucklehead. Here at Powweb you can ensure PHP5 is in use and edit the php.ini limit settings in OPS> Main> CGI and Scripted Language Support> PHP Scripting> Select PHP5 from the drop down field> Apply> Then scroll down and edit your memory etc limits. You can be wreckless and put 6644 for the memory limit though as a shared hosting environment Powweb monitors such activity to prevent excessive draining of CPU and server resources.
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