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Thread: nvu or other?

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    nvu or other?

    I have been out of it for a while. Starting a new business, website for for retail sales and also eBay auctions.

    I used to use 1st page 2000 for a while, then switched to plain ol notepad. However, been out of it for so long I fear most of my knowledge is history. Notepad is not an option anymore because I would be using tags and code that are obsolete, etc. Basically I would not be doing things the best way anymore with all the HTML standard updates.

    So, I am looking for a good editor to get me up to speed again while I re-learn. I am about to go for NVU but would like to know if there is something better out there first. I prefer something free abviously but I would also consider paying a few bucks for something better if it is worth it and under $100.

    All suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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    KompoZer is a derivative of Nvu. I use neither of them, so no comment there. Mostly I use Notepad++, which is basically a text editor.
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    I still use Notepad or Notepad ++ and view in Firefox, then use the Firefox add-on Web Developer to validate the code. Visit w3c for updated code. Basically, much of the old HTML works, but what doesn't can be updated. Use CSS to define attributes for tags. I develop with or without tables and prefer to use tables, but you have to watch nested tables and attributes.

    As you have already discovered, any web editor can become outdated over time, so it is best to read information on the w3c to update obsolete code. If the website works in the major browsers, don't panic if you can't get rid of every little error reported by the validator.
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    I still use my FTP program or notepad to create my html coding because i find that all so called wysiwyg editors add their own peices of code to the page that isnt needed.

    Instead, i keep upto date with coding by going to websites I think are decent resources and reading magazines. oh, and coming to this forum.

    Ive tried NVU and found it to be a bit niggly when editing and moving things. Front Page adds tiny pieces of code only Internet Explorer likes (or at least it was like that the last time I used it). These problems put me off using wysiwyg editors.

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    Think Ahead

    ~In walks the devils advocate~ How important is W3C to you and your potential customers? Do you really think customers give a stuff that you made the website by hand? The second question was rhetorical, believe me they don't. They want to feel secure before purchase. Were you to make it known you hand coded your website you will lose sales, even through a bricks and mortar retail operation. Would you give your credit card numbers to someone who knocked up a site in Notepad? They don't care if Bill Gates verified your code, they want security when shopping in person or online. You pull a tin box out from under the counter to give me change, I won't come back to your store.

    $100 dollars? Your business card with www should convert to sales or it's just another useless cost to your business. NVU is great if you want 5 pages of cheesy, "look what my 9 year old did." Am I to harsh? Welcome to marketing. Time is money and I'm not geting paid to tell you common sense so listen up, it's going to sting. You don't have the time nor skills to code a new website ready for a secure shopfront down the track. See, just like pulling a band-aid do it quick and painless and they'll come ask again next time one needs pulling.

    I suggest you slap up an application like ZenCart or oSCommerce (both aree free) and save yourself nine months of futile frustration. Dress it up with a template, you don't need to add any items, it will work fine as a website alone. Spend your time exploring options with expansion in mind. Knowing html code you should grasp php basics by reading through the code and customise all you need. Most standard installs of such applications are near W3C compliant in any case.
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    Please create a new thread as this one is closed and shouldn't have been added to over 3 months since the last post.
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