I am currently working at a business that uses DNN as it's content management system, and can build custom templates quite easily at this point. However, I am now working with a nonprofit group Assisted Cycling Tours, and their hosting provider uses CM4all (vDeck). They also can use Site Deluxe, ipage, and frontpage extensions, but cm4all seems more flexible. They also have php 4-5, so I am wondering about Drupal (seems to have a lot of fans and awards) as well, or if that requires special permissions, etc. to set up.

My specific questions are:
  • What format do custom page templates take?
  • How hard is it to create and upload one or many?
  • Where can I find an example of the code or a tutorial to give me a better idea?
  • Are you able to add multiple content areas, such as the multiple "Panes" DNN uses, in which to lay out copy?
  • Can I apply different page "skins" to different pages?

Also, DNN allows you to create custom "container" templates that overlay different content sections, such a a rounded yellow border box. You can also change the container, say to a dark grey background with no title. Is there anything similar in CM4all or is it just a static design template, ie. a yellow box will always be in the lower center of the page.

I can't find anything but advertising when I google template creation for CM4all, so any help would be useful. I just do not want to suggest they consider switching providers if cm4all is equal or better than DNN.