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Thread: Use PHP on a new CM4All Site

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    Question Use PHP on a new CM4All Site

    Hello all,

    I am a newbie to POWWEB and interactive website development. I was recommended to join POWWEB by a close friend.

    I have created a new website using the CM4All Website Creator. I want to implement an interactive survey form using PHP and MySQL. I have the following questions related to this.

    1. Should I try to craft my own HTML and add my PHP code to it?
    2. Should I screenscrape one of the vanilla pages created by CM4All and then retrofit it with my PHP code?
    3. Are there any wizards I can use to integrate PHP/MySQL with pages created by CM4All?

    Any help any of you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I understand that the community is very supportive based on previous posts that I have read here. Thanks in advance.


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    I believe there is a Poll or Survey in OPS that can be installed on ones site. In 'Site Enhancers' I think. Perhaps use that, and edit it if you want/need to..
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