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Thread: spam problem

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    spam problem

    hey i have a massive problem with spam on my forum its very new and im getting tones of spam a day about porn viagra etc i have heard this can be stopped with something called " bot check in the register.php " i use v bulletin, i do not understand how to do this if any1 could help please post back with how i put the script into v bulletin

    website is

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    Yes, I know, this is a very severe problem.

    If you are running vb, I recommend that you first implement Jelsofts' recommendations on this issue. Here is the document on it.

    In addition, I recommend that you come up with two questions that you ask your users during the registration process. This is outlined in the above document.

    Please know that no solution will prevent manual spammer registrations from occuring, that's why you need to moderate your new registrations.
    Best Regards, Jack.

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    If you're seeing heavy traffic with spam being manually sent, then moderation is the route, with a group of regulars helping out. That is how Powweb deal with it and most (not all) get trapped before they're visible to the forum members.
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    Yes We should note that there is are about 2-3 spam posts made evrey day to these forums by REAL people who are spammers and I assume are paid to spam forums all day. This by passes all automatic measures you could put in.

    Thankfully the MODS here do an excellent job of catching the spam posts before anyone ever sees them.

    On the flip side there are nasty bots who do the same thing and crawl the web all day looking for vulnerable forums, gallery's, guest books that they can post to. If they find one they make a note of it and come back evrey day to post up new spam.

    These things drive me insane. The number of them that exist is staggering and after dealing with for quite a while I roughly estimate that across all our customers sites we get a couple hundred thousand hits a day from these things. The amount of cgi server and mysql server processing time they eat up is mind boggling.

    This is why we stress in a couple of different places in the control panel to please make sure you try and take at least some measure to prevent the automatic spam.

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