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Thread: Could anybody help on phpnuke block?

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    Could anybody help on phpnuke block?

    I have a small html file from a flash image rotator that I want to configure in a phpnuke portal.

    The html file call a javascript and the flash.
    It has the javascript into the head and then into the body the other functions text.

    Could anybody help me to create a phpnuke block from that file?
    If so, I will provide more information...

    Thanks in advance.

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    How to add a Flash banner in PHP-Nuke has an explanation from someone who has done it successfully.

    A lot of content management scripts require some tweaking to get Flash and video code to work. The code may work fine in a static HTML page, but when copied into these scripts, you can't see what you expect to see. The new Google map code also needs additional steps to work. Very annoying.

    Good luck!
    Yvette Kuhns
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