I've been using google apps for email with multiple domains from powweb for over a year now and about 24 hrs everything stopped working with the error message of "Failure To Connect To Web Server."

Contacted powweb and was told that nothing changed on their end so I then checked the "mail" ip address in the mx records. I had previously got this ip address from pinging ghs.google.com. I tried pinging that same ip and it did not work so I re-pinged ghs.google.com today and the IP comes up different. The new ip is I changed this and now it works. Apparently google changed which IPs they use for google apps.

I guess other hosts don't require an ip address under the address section and an actual hostname will work like ghs.google.com so you would never have to put in the actual address which is subject to change.

Anyway, I thought this might help someone so I thought I'd post it.