We have a web site using Mal's shopping cart right now but we need to expand it into a regular cart such as ZenCart. I am a Mac user and would like to have it set up very much like ShopSite Pro that PowWeb offers. However I prefer not to go with ShopSite Pro because of the cost plus it does not support putting orders into QuickBooks for Mac. The ShopSite Pro sounds perfect, but has the no Mac support problem.

I am wondering if there is someone that could built it for me and what the cost would be. I understand it is easy to maintain once it is built, but the modules can be a problem if you do not know what your doing, and that is me! We have www.woodworkingparts.com which is the one we want to redo as we have plans of expanding our business and do not want to keep redoing all the time. We keep getting bigger and presently on about our 6th rebuild. We want a site now that will operate like the big guys so we are done rebuilding and will handle a lot more features than we presently have.