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Thread: What would be best?

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    What would be best?

    I feel like Rip Van Winkle, pretty much working the same way in my websites since the late 90's, and wake up now there's all these new applications to make life easier - and even worse, choices! I remember when the only extra application with powweb was a frontpage thing, and I use DW, so I ignored it - but now there's gallery stuff, forums, blogs, etc! Been paying for it, so might as well use it!

    And now I have the time to work on my own sites (been too busy designing for other people, online and off), I want to start integrating these things.

    In particular, as a dance instructor, I want to offer online classes utilizing video to my students across the world - and offer different tiers of access levels - whether they subscribe for a month, a year, etc. Also, I want to set up a forum for the students to discuss the classes, ask questions, etc.

    I'm looking at moodle and through all of these things from Install Central, and I'm not sure what will work best. Any recommendations for what application would be best for setting up a system, incorporating uploaded video (and possibly streaming/live?), and set it up into sections where I can set up different securities - like person A buys a month subscription, and can only access that month's videos, and person B buys the whole year, and they can access everything?

    Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts and input!

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    Moodle Is hugely complicated and is probably massive overkill for your application.

    Maybe keep things simple like inbeding flash videos into regular html pages that you already have created in Dreamweaver using players like

    You could keep those pages password protected with .htaccess files or possibly use a php script like
    to do the password protection in a more elegant way.

    For the forums. I like PHPBB and Simple Machine Forums the best.
    Both have tons of themes out there that you can easily add into your forum and have a nice looking forum up and running in no time.

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    I think Simple is always best

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