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Thread: VERIFIED Working iPhone mail setup instructions

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    VERIFIED Working iPhone mail setup instructions

    The following settings will allow your iPhone to connect to your mail account via IMAP, allow access to all your IMAP folders, and allow you to definitively delete messages from your mailbox on your phone.

    1) When creating a new account in the iPhone mail settings, make sure you choose IMAP

    2) Use the following settings:
    Incoming Mail Server:
    Hostname: IMAP.yourdomain (i.e. NOT POP.yourdomain
    User Name: your mail username (NOT
    Password: your mail password

    Outgoing Mail server:
    Host Name: SMTP.yourdomain (i.e.
    User name: your mail username (NOT
    Password: your mail password
    Use SSL: ON
    Authentication: Password
    Server Port: 587

    Advanced Settings (in the same screen you entered your IMAP server info)
    Mailbox Behaviors: You will NOT be able to set this up until you have set the rest up. Please see step 6 for how to set up behaviors.

    Deleted Message: I have it set to "Remove after one week". This is a personal choice.

    Incoming Settings:
    Use SSL: ON
    Authentication: Password
    IMAP Path Prefix: INBOX (in ALL caps, and WITHOUT the "/"
    Server Port: 993

    Save these setting, exit out of the settings app, and open Mail.

    3) Have iPhone mail check your mail. You may get a message about the server's certificate. Click "continue" or whichever button is NOT "cancel" (I forgot the exact text).

    4) Send an e-mail. You will also get an error about the SMTP server's certificate. Click "continue" again.

    5) Click the button in mail that takes you back to the main screen where you can select your inbox (usually an arrow on the top left with the name of the account you are using). You should see all of your IMAP folders under your Inbox. If you don't, you either don't have any IMAP folders, or you messed up one of the steps above. It is possible that mail will crash when updating the folder list. Don't freak out, just restart your iPhone or force quit mail.

    6) Go back to the mail settings in the settings app. Go to the advanced settings to setup mailbox behaviors (Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars-> [Your account name]->Advanced.

    Go through the various mailbox behavior settings and select which IMAP folder you want to have as your draft, sent items, and deleted items mailboxes.

    I had iPhone mail crash a few times when updating the folder list. Just restart your iPhone or force quit mail if this happens (hold down the power button till the "slide to power off" screen comes up, then hold down the center button until mail quits). Your new folder list should be there when your restart mail.

    These settings worked for me. I make no guarantees they will work for you.

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    Excellent write up. If any one else can confirm that this works for them on their IPhone then we can sticky this.

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    I just set up my iPhone, and used the full email address as the username. It would not work with the email prefix only. Also, I chose not to use ssl with
    because of the certficate warnings. I either turned of ssl, or used

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