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Thread: website builder question

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    website builder question

    I am relatively new to Powweb, so I really don't know what I am doing yet. I've been reading about website builder / editor tools that you can download or even log into online to create your site and then somehow, these programs can be linked to your hosting account. I am sure that everybody has heard of programs like Dreamweaver. Well, its just like that. I've tried a few and I just cannot get them to work. I keep getting stuck on the FTP stuff. I understand that I need to use my username and password and my domain name starting with FTP, but what I do not understand is what remote directory refers to. Basically, I need to know what directory within my Powweb account I can upload my web pages to. I just cannot figure this out and I cannot get anything to work. If anybody else on here knows what I am talking about or better yet, if anybody here is currently using a website building tool that can talk to me about this, I would really greatly appreciate it.

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    You should upload (transfer) to the htdocs directory with Powweb. Many other hosts use public or public_html.
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    you could install an application such as wordpress to your account, which will allow you to create and build content without uploading and such. You can install them from install central in OPS...however, I might recommend figuring out how to install it manually, as doing so will prepare you for upgrading wordpress to ensure it is safe and secure. Historically, the install central-installed applications are not the latest versions, and do not get the option to upgrade very quickly.

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