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Thread: Zen Cart & Digital Downloads

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    Question Zen Cart & Digital Downloads

    Hi, I am addressing my question more to Yvette Kuhns more than anyone I suppose because you seem to be in the posts more than anyone whenever a question about Zen Cart arises. I am wanting to use Zen Cart to sell my digital products and I noticed in one post that Zen Cart and Powweb were not compatible with digital downloads. Is that an absolute truth or can Zen Cart be set up in a certain way so that Digital Downloads are possible? I really hope that it can as I have already built my store using Zen Cart making more than 100 mods and additions to Zen Cart. I can hardly believe that Powweb - one of the premier hosting companies on the web, would have Zen Cart in the install central portion of OPS and then deny a client the full use of the product - especially since digital products make up such a wide market of the web today..

    And as far as PowWeb goes, I've been with PowWeb faithfully for more than 10 years now. I've sent upwards of 1000 businesses to PowWeb for hosting - some I've made commisions on - most of whom I haven't. When everyone around is looking for new business looks like if PowWeb were a Zen Cart Hosting Official Site it would be to their advantage. If I have to move Zen Cart to another host - guess what - ALL OF MY BUSINESS FOLLOWS... After all - "The only limits any of us in business have are the limits that we place on our customers." Henry Ford

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    The methods Zen Cart uses to offer digital downloads are not compatible on PowWeb's platform.

    An alternative to Zen Cart for digital download functionality is osCommerce, which uses a download method that works on our platform. Zen Cart and osCommerce share the same code base and have many features in common.
    Note: You can read the Zen Cart forum and find posts by other PowWeb customers who have not had any success in recent years using Zen Cart for digital downloads here or on other web hosts. You can change hosts or change shopping carts.
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