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Thread: referrer logs?

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    referrer logs?

    I apologize for the remedial question.

    I am trying to examine my referrer sources to determine if I am simply getting a large number of clicks on my google adwords from the same source, i.e., a competitior.

    I have downloaded the access logs but I am only able to few the first 50 or so lines before the log is filled with characters instead of text.

    I appreciate any guidance on this matter.

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    This is a bug with the web browser. We had a pretty indepth thread about it several months ago.

    Browsers appear to only download the first 50 lines of the log files. In reality the log files are much larger than this.

    The better method of retrieving the log files is to download them via ftp. The log files are located in /stats which is inside of your hosting account.

    A tool such as 7zip or winrar will be able to open the files on a windows based computer. The files use gunzip compression which is standard on any linux host but requires extra software to view them on a windows machine.

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