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Thread: Bandwidth unlimited or limited ????

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    Bandwidth unlimited or limited ????

    I am totally a newbie..... just starting out. I am considering PowWeb as my host for my website. It looks like a great place to be but I just read that lots of customers have complained that unlimited bandwidth is not unlimited but is 1-2 gb or maybe 5gb possibly 15gbs unlimited really means whatever is defined by the company as reasonable ???? And that if you do not pay an extra $$$ per mo your site will be shut down does anyone know if that is true because if you have alot of visitors and content 1-2gbs could be used up very quickly ( if I understand how it works) and the unlimited bandwidth was one of the things that drew me to PowWeb as my host. I don't want to go to all the trouble of uploading my site advertising, etc and then discover I have no storage without paying more..... I need to budget my site costs because I am a single parent with a diabetic child so I only have limited funds to put into my web business, so it is imperative that I know what my costs will be. I can't afford avoidable surprises down the road.... My site is not huge and it is an information site i do want however to have visitor input via a possible forum and i will be offering a free e-book. I also want to link to a Blog Do you guys think my bandwidth use will be reasonable??????

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    You are right, unlimited is not unlimited but your site should be fine here.

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    Storage is not recommended over 30Gb, unlimited doesn't mean unlimited as that's not possible anywhere despite what they may say.

    They have 'One Plan' which in theory means no extra costs, you can however now add various extras such as a faster FTP access. I've not heard of anyone complaining about extra charges per month because of bandwidth. Most large bandwidth complainers have had their forum compromised or are trying to share videoes.

    I think your described use should be fine here at Powweb.
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    To clarify terms, storage refers to the overall size of your website files and any email left sitting on Powwebs server -- in your account. Bandwidth is the amount of data transfered, that is; downloaded by your visitors when they view a page or any content on your website.

    Powweb has no set limits to these but may enforce what is considered reasonable use. If your storage is over 15 Gb or bandwidth requirements exceed 900 Gb/month you may run into problems here.
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