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Thread: Wp 3.0 wp-admin folder hacked

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    Wp 3.0 wp-admin folder hacked

    Between last night at about 11 pm est and this morning, almost my entire wp-admin folder has disappeared from my wp install.

    About 90% of all my wp-admin files are missing. Thankfully, I did a wp xml file export yesterday afternoon, but without my wp-admin files, I have no idea how to import it.

    Can anyone suggest any help, and does anyone have any ideas on how this could have happened? I can only assume I was hacked, as I didn't run any processes overnight. I'm not sure where to check to confirm this, however.


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    Login to OPS and restore the missing files from the backups section but act quickly as Powweb only keeps 3 days worth of backups for you. I'd say it was a server glitch still if you have any other apps make sure they're all running the latest secure versions.
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