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Thread: Bandcamp Integration?

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    Bandcamp Integration?

    Hi there...

    I'm really interested in your site and I just have a few questions before I sign up. I'm a musician and I was wondering if your web hosting services would be good for promoting me and my music and if you have any examples of other music websites? Is there a way to see them live in action? Also, I'm currently using Bandcamp to mainly host my music... would your website support integrating it into my website? It's a new feature that they have. link removed

    A few more things... if for some reason I am not happy with your services, would I still be able to use my domain name even if I had to buy it again? And I know basic HTML... would it be relatively easy to build from scratch even though I haven't built a website before?

    Sorry for so many questions. Thanks for such a cheap price!
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    This is a customer to customer support area, not an official support channel.

    I don't know about Bandcamp - but the domain answer will depend on your current host and if it was part of the deal.

    Normally, you can take your domain with you or simply point the domain the servers for the new host but a few companies don't play ball on this. The domain is yours so you'd not have to pay again, other than if you move the registrar and then you'd pay and add an extra year. To avoid this, many people use a third party company as a registrar, and they're usually a lot cheaper! We're not allowed to name alternative registrars as Powweb, although not a true registrar, competes against these.

    As you have an existing website, you may be able to move over the site to Powweb (or other host) and not have to get into building from scratch.

    If you tell us your domain name someone will be able to look at it to determine if it uses features that Powweb doesn't support. If you're hosting music you need to make sure you've got the copyright holders permission. Streaming isn't advised on a shared host like Powweb if you're a busy site.
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    Some matters can only be answered by staff or support.
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    Here there are some tools to built website and you will be able to link the your files/youtube links etc to it with built in tools.

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