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Thread: Wordpress hosted on Powweb

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    Wordpress hosted on Powweb

    In recent days, after i upload postings onto my wordpress, my wordpress would trigger to the installation page. So when you visit my web site, the wordpress install page would display...but then 10-20 minutes later, everything will be back to normal.

    The install page only shows after 5-10 minutes of me uploading stuff onto my wordpress. If I don't upload anything onto my wordpress, the site will be normal and fine.

    I'll upload content...
    5-10+ minutes after uploading, the install page would show
    10-20+ minutes later everythign will be normal again

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue and what i can do about it?


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    Uploading stuff? What stuff? Images etc with the flash loader or do you mean publishing posts? Make sure you're running the latest version of Wordpress. Might be worth running a repair and optimise on the dastabase tables thru phpMyAdmin.
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