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Thread: need scripting advice

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    need scripting advice

    ok, this will be a complicated question, so bear with me a bit.

    I want to create a membership site with several levels of membership.
    One level will free.
    The site is to allow people to post remembrance articles about loved ones who have passed on. The free version will allow anyone to read these articles. First paid level will allow certain number of articles and 1 photo per article per month or year. Next level wil allow more articles/photos, next level allow videos, etc. Also want to include choice of product (which can be sold seperatly).

    I have been looking at joomla as a content managment system and think there is enough add ons to do this, but not sure which ones or how to set it up. Options should be free or as low cost as possible as I have been out of work for almost 2 years.

    Other related questions: This particular site will be one small part of a larger complex of site (which may have different domains under one hosting account at some future point) so is it possible to install more than one copy of whatever system I use?

    Also keep in mind I have only done static web pages before (use dreamweaver mx) so this whole content management system idea is strange to me but i think it is what I want.

    Any advice on this would be appreciated and if my explanations is not clear, let me know. I am still trying to figure out exactly what I want on this as well.

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    It can be done and I am sure there are some commercial add-ons that would help you get to where you are going. Have you posted this over on the Joomla forums?

    It is possible, in most cases, to install multiple copies of the same program as log as they are in different directories. However, keep in mind that each one usually uses a new database, so if you plan on letting users log into one site and use them all, you will have to figure out how to validate them across all of the sites.
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