Poweb, you guys are amazing.
No I'm not an employee. Just a very pleased customer.
Fyi, I have reffered two, they mentioned me and I did get like $15 for that.

Ok. So everyone knows I'm human.

Server, fast.
Calling in for support, clear and helpful.
Cost, very inexpensive. I run ads so I break even.
Php msql near flawless. And made easy to work with.
Ftp super fast, I have uploaded and 1gig per second and downloaded at near 2.
Squirl mail, love it, customizable junk filters.
Domain handling, a perfect match for what I expect.
My boss uses a similar host. Not as happy. All wrong. Should have used powweb.
I'm not the only pleased user. There area few.
I see them in the forums being very helpful.
Again, thanks everyone.