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    Facebook App

    I am looking to build a Facebook app.
    The purpose is the following:
    I have a membership site that members pay a one time $25 fee and get approved and go into my database that I built and then they get all sorts of goodies free for the rest of their lives. There are about 4,000 members, growing to 200,000 very soon.
    That was easy to build.
    Now, the members are asking for a platform to contact each other similar to Dolphin 7, which is pretty cool.
    I could get the Dolphin 7 platform and customize it and everyone will be happy.
    However, one of the members suggested building a Facebook app that upon approval of their $25 membership, they are given access to a "private facebook group" to accomplish the same, if not better since Facebook is what it is.
    So, my question is should I take the budget we have and build a Facebook app or stay with the game plan of customizing the Dolphin 7 platform which would have the same password/member restricted access?
    If this is possible and anyone wants to entertain the idea, (cost and timeline) could they please advise.
    Thank you.

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    The dilema of passenger vs driver, majority rules but you're at the wheel. 6-8 month I'd go facebook app, if ur looking longer Dolphin. Idealy and if you're making money, offer both.
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    My vote is to always own your own stuff. You build the Facebook app, and then Facebook goes away, or Facebook decides they don't like your app, you are stuck holding nothing.
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    I agree with entrecon. Facebook could fade like MySpace or the app could have problems. Anything you host yourself is your responsibility and you have control over it. No worries about social networking privacy issues.
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