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Thread: Typo3 help

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    Typo3 help

    My name is Sara and I am a Website Adminstrator who is having some issues since a recent TYPO 3 version update. The organisation I work for have recently upgraded to a new version of typo 3 (4.4.5) and since the update, our news plugin has stopped working Despite my many attempts to fix the bugs the website does not display these type of plugins anymore.

    I suspect it is some sort of compatibility issue between versions but if someone could please suggest a fix would be very grateful.

    Finally, if anyone knows how difficult it is to roll back to the previous version too would be interested to find out?

    Many thanks

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    Are you hosted with Powweb?
    This is a Powweb customer
    helping Powweb customer forum.

    I am a customer just like you!!

    Some matters can only be answered by staff or support.
    Give it a go - ask here first!

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    Your best avenue in any case is to contact the plugin author for a 3.x fix. To roll back you must have saved 2.x file and database backups prior to the upgrade. Even if you did make full 2.x backups there are inherent pitfalls when restoring databases at Powweb. Contact the author or find a better supported plugin.
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