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Thread: Ads in my face when I log in to CP

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    Angry Ads in my face when I log in to CP

    I've been hosted at PowWeb for a long time and this never used to happen. But lately when I log into CP, PowWeb hits me with a big ad (today it was for SSL Certificates) and forces me to look for a little bitty link and click it to get to my control panel. Maybe I'm just a crank but I hate this.

    When I come to my control panel there is a REASON I need it, and I need it NOW. It is NOT the time I want to see ads from anybody. I am opted in to PowWeb's email marketing... they can send me all the ads they want. But I do not consider that I am opted in for being interrupted by advertising on my way to my control panel. If PW want to put some ad banners in the CP sidebar, fine. When I get done with what I came to do I could maybe be receptive. Maybe even when I log out. But (sorry I'm repeating myself) PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK ME WITH ADS WHEN I AM TRYING TO ACCESS THE CONTROL PANEL!


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    This isn't something new. They've done this at various times in the past. I dislike them as well, but it's a simple extra click to move to the CP. I don't even bother reading the ads and simply look for the link!
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    If you login to OPS more than once per week you don't get host server spammed.
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    I don't mind it really. I guess I feel that I am paying around $100 for hosting a year, if they want to show me an ad or two to make up for it, so be it. Now, if I was paying $100/month for my hosting, I wouldn't be so understanding.
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