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Thread: Installing Free MySql & Gentran 5.x

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    Red face Installing Free MySql & Gentran 5.x

    I want to install MySql onto a new server with windows 2003 std. The version of MySql will be free download. Is this install difficult. This product will be used with a B2B software called Gentran 5.x. Is there going to be any problems with MySql.

    Is installing Gentran difficult ???

    I anyone has some great simple instructions that would be great.

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    Installing MySQL is easy on Windows.. it's just an installer. Once you have the base install, you can connect to it either via some 3rd party app, phpmyadmin (what I usually do, though that requires a web server and PHP to be working), or probably the default apps that MySQL comes with.

    No clue about Gentran, never even heard of it.

    I wrote a tutorial on getting PHP, MySQL and Apache running on a Windows box here:

    The tut was written using WinXP, but I've done it with Vista and Win7 as well with few changes. Win 2003 shouldn't be very different from the XP stuff. If you were to use win2008, it would probably require a few tweaks due to the added security features, but shouldn't be a huge headache.

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