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    Help Needed

    Hi There,
    I run a website with subscription buttons, etc.
    It has a database to handle my paypal ipn system, Generates passwords etc.
    The ipn was all set up by a company called <edited out>. They were fast at implementing it, and very helpful. It has all worked for the last 4 years, with not too many glitches.
    Now here comes the crunch, During the last month it has stopped working. I am okay with html and setting up buttons for paypal, but anything after that is beyond me.
    I have absolutely no knowledge of PHP or the server database end of things, so I cannot troubleshoot it to find out where it is going wrong.
    I know all is working fine on the paypal side of things, ie the subscriber presses a button and subscribes, paypal accepts it into my account, sends them a username and password, and then emails me with this information.
    But there is nothing going to my database, and I am having to manually enter usernames and passwords into my .htpasswd file.
    Is there anyone here that will be willing to help, I will pay a small fee, I am really pulling out my hair with this. Or maybe someone can point me to someone somewhere that will help me.
    I have contacted Belahost the original implementors, but have not got a response from them.
    Thanks for your time for reading this
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    This is an existing Powweb customer looking to move a site to here. They can't do that until the problem is sorted with the database.

    Contact awalsh by PM for details of current host, as we're not able to name them in the public forums.
    This is a Powweb customer
    helping Powweb customer forum.

    I am a customer just like you!!

    Some matters can only be answered by staff or support.
    Give it a go - ask here first!

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